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At the heart of our ecosystem is a commitment to providing a robust and versatile platform that accommodates the diverse needs of Marketeer Agents.

  • Comprehensive property Listing information.
  • One click to Co-Marketing a co-agent Listing.
  • Strategic tracking of Listing's information changes, especially price drops!
  • Get notified when the co-agent Listing's information changed!

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PropMall specializes in the following features:

Listing Management

Comprehensive management of property Listings with embracing workflow operations starting from creation of Listing until being sold, while knowing who are the Listing Agents.

Search and Filtration

Searching Property Listing has never been easier imbued with extensive filtration enabling Real Estate Agents to zoom into specific result of Listings.


Real Estate Agents work together to market shared Listings as enabler for faster sales closing while able to build credibility, trust and brand with clients.


Ample tracking on substantial information changes on Listing information in ensuring Real Estate Agents shall have the broader perspective on the Property Listing.

Push Notifications

All Listing operations or changes shall be notified to Real Estate Agents in ensuring they shall receive latest updates on the Listing information.

Integration with Telegram

Listing information or photos uploaded into PropMall, shall be auto-push to Telegram Channel owned by the Real Estate Agents in supporting their existing business operations so that business continues as usual without disturbance.

Integration with Marketplaces

Listing information or photos uploaded into PropMall, shall be auto-push to Marketplaces in supporting the Real Estate Agents business operations so that business continues as usual without disturbance.

Familiar UI/UX

PropMall's user interface has been designed as closedly resemble social media user experience, with a purpose of lesser learning curve needed so that Agents can focus on sales & marketing.

💖 Real results from real clients

What people say about us

“PropMall has transformed my real estate experience with its intuitive interface and advanced search functionality. Finding luxury properties, investment opportunities, and land deals is effortless thanks to precise filters and detailed listings.

The high-quality images and comprehensive property information save me time, and the platform's speed ensures a seamless experience.

Highly recommended for anyone in the real estate market!”

Adzura bt Mohd Zamedin

“As a property agent, PropMall has revolutionized the way I do business.

The platform is a game-changer, providing me with all the tools I need to manage my listings and connect with potential buyers seamlessly.

The user interface is intuitive, making it easy to upload new properties, update information, and track inquiries.”

Hisham Hashim

“PropMall has revolutionized our co-broke marketing efforts. As a real estate agency, connecting with the right partners and managing joint marketing campaigns used to be a challenge. With PropMall, we now have a seamless platform that brings everything together in one place. The user-friendly interface and robust features make it easy to create, manage, and track our campaigns.

We've seen a noticeable increase in our lead generation and conversion rates since we started using PropMall. Their customer support team is exceptional, always available to provide assistance and ensure we get the most out of the platform.

I highly recommend PropMall to any agency looking to optimize their co-broke marketing strategies.”

Redhuan Azmi

“With PropMall, all agents can easily access my listings, details, and photos to share them on their platforms for advertisement or with their clients.

I have introduced this must-have platform to my team and other agents who are property agents.

If you upgrade and sign up for PropMall Premium, you can enjoy a few more privileges.

Every time I post my listing on PropMall, the information and details automatically link to my Telegram channel. I find it very interesting and it saves me a lot of time.

If you are a registered agent, give it a try! You will appreciate the platform so much.”

Missnori Property

“To close deals faster, agents need to provide complete housing information that clients and other agents can access 24/7. PropMall has revolutionized my business, allowing fellow agents to easily retrieve information from my listings and share it with their buyers without any hassle or complicated approval procedures.

As a result, my listings get significantly more exposure, greatly increasing the chances of closing deals. I strongly recommend PropMall to anyone who wants to thrive in this industry.”

Mohd Nazry bin Nordin

“I sold and marketed my co-agency property through PropMall, and the experience was simply excellent. This platform is open, honest, and helpful, guiding us through what can be a difficult and stressful process.

I feel that PropMall is a great, smart tool for co-agency work between agents. I highly recommend PropMall to other property agents and my clients.”

Reena Sarif

“PropMall is a platform where all property agents can view listings available for co-broke. It's user-friendly, so with just one click, the link is automatically sent to the client.

I highly recommend this platform as it solves the problem of wasting time searching for other listings.”


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  • Property Listing & Sharing
    • For Sale (WTS)
    • For Rental (WTL)
  • Agent Profiles
    • Own Listing
    • Co-Marketing Listing
  • Free Website at
  • Seemless Co-Marketing
  • Listinomics
  • Push Notifications
  • Own Branding Listing Website
    • Support Your Custom Domain

      - Custom Domain Name not included

    • SEO Friendly
    • Overwrite Co-Marketing Information
    • Listing Links Never Expire

      - Always enabled for Leads Generation

  • Priority Notification
    • New Listing Published (WTS / WTL)
    • Change of Listing's Price or Rental
    • Listing becomes Not Available

      - Unpublish

      - Sold

    • Listing becomes Available

      - Republish

      - Cancel sales

  • Telegram Channel Integration
    • Push Listing Information (WTS / WTL)
    • Push Listing Photos
    • Change of Listing's Price or Rental
    • Update of Listing's Information
    • Listing becomes Not Available

      - Unpublish

      - Sold

    • Listing becomes Available

      - Republish

      - Cancel sales

  • Telegram Push Notification
  • New Property Project
  • Digital Card with Biolinks+
  • Marketplace Integration+
  • Property Leads Generation+
  • 365-Days Subscription

+Available Soon

  • Property Listing & Sharing
    • For Sale (WTS)
    • For Rental (WTL)
  • Agent Profiles
    • Own Listing
    • Co-Marketing Listing
  • Free Website at
  • Seemless Co-Marketing
  • Listinomics
  • Push Notifications

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